Can I Bring My Own Cooler to the Cape Coral Strawberry Fest?

Farmer Joe's Fresh Market is hosting the Strawberry Festival on Saturday, March 4th, and it's sure to be a great day for all ages. The event will offer a wide range of delicious foods, fun activities, and educational opportunities. However, it's important to remember that bottles, cans, coolers, or picnic baskets are not allowed inside the venue. At the festival, you'll find a variety of freshly prepared strawberry products such as strawberry pie, strawberry sauce, summer berry salad, and even strawberry wine and strawberry flavored goat cheese.

There will also be face painting by Ritter Artwork, a bouncy house and obstacle course for kids to have some fun, and a cake eating contest with prizes for the winners. The Lee County Sheriff's Office will also be present with its Animal Cruelty Task Force to educate attendees about animal welfare and what they can do to help. They will also provide fingerprinting services for children in case of emergency. Additionally, there will be a Florida Strawberry Cookbook project between the Florida Strawberry Growers Association and Hoffman Media.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are available at Chocolate Strawberry Express and Mavric's Chocolate Barn. There will also be a Florida Strawberry Growers Association exhibit with an “Ask a Farmer” exhibit to show how strawberries were grown years ago compared to how they are grown today. For dessert, you can try a dessert pizza made with Graham cracker dough, cream cheese candy for “cheese”, strawberry frosting as a sauce, and sliced strawberries as “pepperoni”. And don't forget to take home some fresh strawberries for your friends and neighbors!.

Scott Smithson
Scott Smithson

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